Sunday, October 14, 2007

almost time....

It's 4am on RACE DAY! woohoo. Half-marathon race day that is. (not that you assumed I meant the marathon or anything :) )

I think I'm all set.

Wish me luck!

See you on the other side of 13.1!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

5 miles? Piece of cake!

Today's training run was 'only' 5 miles.

If someone had told me a month ago that I'd consider 5 miles 'nothing', I'd have laughed in their face!

Clearly, I am insane. : ) (if you have any doubt, check my last post re: the marathon-signing-up thingy)

Mentor Pat sent this run report from her Garmin:
Distance: 5.12 miles
Time: 1:06
Average Pace 13:04
Fastest Pace 10:40
Average Calories Burned 770

We ran a very pretty route north, starting at the Senior Center and going up through a shady neighborhood.

Freaking out a bit...


i just signed up for a ...wait for it....


It's the Surf City Marathon and it's not until Feb. (on superbowl sunday! So i'll be v.v.v.v. tired when I am cheering on my Packers later that day!) but I wanted to be sure I got in. They only let in 1000 marathoners and I heard it was 60-80% full. I ran the 5k for the same race event last year (had a friend who ran the half-marathon) and thought it would be cool for that to be my first marathon since it's too late to train/run the Chicago (that's umm...tomorrow!). The Leggers program has a 26 mile training run scheduled that weekend, so as they suggested to us (and I know I've mentioned on this blog before)- why not get a medal for it?! Plus, like i said, i ran the 5k at this event last year, so it's like a tradition!

I'm running in the Long Beach half marathon next weekend (scheduled for a 12 mile training run next, again, why not run an extra mile and get a medal!?) and I'm kinda freaking out about that too!!

only 8 days left to 13.1....yikes!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Shoes!!!

I got new shoes!! yay!!! I bought them at a nice little running store not too far from where I live called Runnergy.

They are Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3s. I really like the Mizuno shoes. My first pair of "real" running shoes were also Mizunos. Mizuno Wave Creation 7s.

These were my first running shoes,

I bought them as a reward for loosing 50 lbs.!

So far, I really like the new shoes. They are a little wider than my old ones, which with my wide feet, is a nice change! The old shoes were a little smaller across the ball of my foot.

I wore them for the first time tonight for a 'fun run' starting at the Nike Womens Store at the Grove. A girl I met with the Leggers group and I went and did 3 miles there. I think we're going to try to do that run again! It's a great way to get our md-week training in and have a little fun socializing too! Plus, there's a Pinkberry at the Grove now, so afterwards I got my fro-yo fix (and she had sushi!)